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Two beautiful girls with hair coloring in blond. Stylish hairstyle curls done in a beauty


a method that does not finally destroy your hair

its name is the "INVISIBLE" method


This special technique is maximally tolerant of your hair and hair roots. The difference between your hair and the connected hair is invisible. This exceptional technique is specially sewn and so an even distribution of new connected hair on your roots occurs. We use only hair without various ingredients  the BEST quality material in the world.



• does not pull out your hair, does not weaken your hair roots

• saves the skin and your own hair

• no threading

• is completely invisible, even when the hair is turned up

• No heat or glue is used

• pleasant to the touch


In Slovakia uses this revolutionary technique + hair quality only our studio.


• Price from 50€ to 1 000€

(calculated according to a specific idea of length, density and hair color)

The technique itself consists in placing one or two narrow strips on the head

specially sews a hair belt, which is prepared in advance for your desired shade.

The resulting effect is beautiful, while it does not burden at all

and does not destroy your own hair and roots!

Also, suitable for very fine and shorter hair.



We look forward to your pleasant change



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